Founded in 2012 R&D and Quality Control laboratories in World Medicine the purpose of organization; conducting scientific research based on high-tech products, acquisition of new information, use this information to develop new research methods and preparation of the design of new systems, realization of new systems of mass production and standardization efforts.

People need medicine to make improvement quality of life. Located within World Medicine of the new R&D and Quality Control laboratories has high-tech equipment and World Medicine concretely shows the importance of R&D and quality which serve as an example laboratory for the pharmaceutical industry.

Studies conducted with high tech equipment, set by the World Health Organization International Good Manufacturing Practices (Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (Good Laboratory Practice - GLP) rules applied in a complete manner.

In addition to projects conducted within the organization, to develop joint projects with domestic and foreign scientific organizations made the know-how transfer for increase of product quality.

As is known, drug development and quality control studies cannot succeed without high level analysis. The developed or control of the reliability of the products needs to be analyzed by means of analysis has been put forward. Developing a reliable method of analysis is not concerned to develop a reliable drug formula. For this purpose, a powerful analysis laboratory was set up with the latest technology, had been established staff working in the field of high-level knowledge and skills.

World Medicine as the newly established analytical and microbiology laboratories with equipment for critical infrastructure carefully selected HPLC, GC, dissolution apparatus, DSC, FTIR, pH meters, potentiometric titrate, stability chambers, ovens, atomic absorption instrument, KF moisture meter, osmometer, refractometer, density meter, DSC , analytical balances, autoclaves, incubators, microscopes, sterility testing equipment, BET apparatus, water activity measurement device, air samplers, fume cupboards, LAF cabinets and many more analytical and microbiological analysis of equipment and a drug production facility and R&D activities have been designed to meet fully.

Drugs are made available to patients after enduring efficacy and safety by company. Among the most important an objective of our company to develop produces and also to prove the effectiveness of treatment showed the same of equivalent drugs with patent expires. With the introduction of these products contribute to reducing of treatment costs both individual and national economy.

Trials of a new formula developed in accordance with the regulations and production methods, generic products manufactured by the authorities is equivalent to the original product presentation and in the light of scientific studies to prove, following the official authorities are realizing the activities apply to the licensing of our products. World Medicine can do this work with all the technological amenities and a wide range of staff have the knowledge.

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CPhI World Wide Exhibition / Pharmaceutical networking event had been done between
4-6 June 2014, Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, Istanbul, Turkey
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